Christmas Show

Featuring cast favorites Wess Cooke, Todd Mitchell, and Michelle Rajotte

Set your holiday spirits aglow, and experience a yearly tradition that returns to its classic form! The all-new 2011 Christmas Show, Winter Wonderland, will immerse you in a festive evening of Yuletide whimsy and wonder. This snowy, outdoor-themed Original Show is sure to delight long-time fans as well as those attending for the first time. You’ll enjoy the spectacular vocals and breathtaking dance moves of professional artists from across the country. Come hear your favorite sacred and secular holiday carols, hymns and songs from yesterday and today, and delight in a little holiday cheer as the jelly-bellied one himself comes for a visit. You’ll laugh out loud at all the funny moments, including an appearance from Little Shelley. For a real holiday thrill, don’t miss The 2011 Christmas Show, featuring more of what you know and love, but like you’ve never seen before!

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